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The Dickson Prize in Medicine

Nominations for the 2023 Dickson Prize are open.

To nominate someone for the 2023 Dickson Prize in Medicine, please submit (1) a completed nomination form, (2) a letter of nomination with a detailed description of the research accomplishments that qualify the nominee for this award (see guidelines below), and (3) a copy of the nominee’s current curriculum vitae (CV). All nomination materials must be submitted electronically on this website. Nominations will not be accepted by mail. All three items must be submitted by the deadline for the nomination to be considered.

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Nomination Letter Guidelines

The letter of nomination must include a detailed description of the nominee’s major scientific research accomplishments and the impact of these contributions to the field of biomedicine. Please cite three to five representative, peer-reviewed publications by the nominee and describe how each was novel, paradigm changing, or seminal in advancing biomedical research knowledge. The maximum length is 750 words, not including journal reference and article citation information, which can be included on a separate page. Click here to begin nomination process.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees for the Dickson Prize in Medicine should be actively engaged in innovative, paradigm shifting biomedical research that is worthy of significant and broad attention. This is a prize for someone whose career has been building, who is at an especially productive point currently, and whose research is—or will be—so influential that it deserves major recognition now. We encourage nominations to highlight not only the nominee’s scientific contributions but also the nominee’s impact on the broader scientific community, including mentoring, service, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The recipient must be a U.S. citizen.

The Prize

The winner of the 2023 Dickson Prize in Medicine will receive a $50,000 award along with a medallion and will present the Dickson Prize in Medicine Lecture at the University of Pittsburgh.


The deadline for all nomination materials for the 2023 Dickson Prize in Medicine has been extended to Friday, October 28, 2022.  


Questions about the nomination process for the Dickson Prize in Medicine may be directed to or 412-383-7382.